About Us

aboutAmerican Craftsman Upholstery is owned and operated by Tim Parson.  Tim is a 2nd generation Master Upholsterer, who has 40 years of experience.  He relocated his family to Saint Augustine 8 years ago after selling his father’s upholstery business in Hiram, Georgia.

American Craftsman Upholstery has been in Saint Augustine for over 25 years and was previously owned by Billy Kiger.  Mr. Kiger had been wanting to retire and was interested in selling his business but was unable to find someone with expertice and experience needed for the business to remain successful until Tim started working for him part time in 2014.  It wasn’t until after Mr. Kiger saw Tim’s skills and knowledge first hand that he approached Tim about purchasing the business.

Currently all of our upholsterers and seamstresses have a minimum of 10 years experience and it shows in the quality and workmanship on each job we do.

Here is a really cool, informational link on how double rubs are counted!

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